Bsa eagle project

After the 4th of July Parade I organized my troop and some neighborhood groups to clean up all the trash along the parade route. It took two days. Cleared quarter mile trail through wilderness area of city park and built two wooden bridges to cross small creek.

You are looking for a project to do for an organization that is non-profit, meaning they provide services to the community at large for purposes other than making a profit.

Restore Storage Shed at Neighborhood Park: Laying a wood chip trail around a local school yard for the students and citizens to use as a fitness trail. Cut up trees and delivered wood to those in need for heating their homes.

I live in a city where there is a Bsa eagle project of trash in the streets. Construct and install a Guide rope and Braille signs for a boardwalk at a local nature center. Thirty days after completion, a disaster forced families out of their homes and all went well because of the preparations.

Collected school supplies to be distributed through food bank to help people who were unemployed or in need.

He gave them to people who could not afford to buy glasses for themselves. Made major repairs to community-owned park cabin.

Cleaned beachfront property of church and built fire pit and benches. Assigned Scouts to care for seedlings for one year. He copied a design at another church that was what the sponsor wanted.

The next weekend we went on a campout to the national forest and put out the boxes. Recruiting volunteers from the Troop and high school service clubs including getting formal permission through high school channels and managing their work at the Community Food Bank of New Jersey.

Designed and built flower beds for main entrance of school. Though we offer ideas, the planning of each project must be done by the individual candidate.

One Eagle repainted a torpedo and a deck gun at the Battleship Texas site here in Houston. Conducted blanket and coat drive for Salvation Army. Refurbished war memorial and cleaned and beautified area for special Memorial Day services.

Provided baby clothing and supplies and baby furniture to shelter for unwed mothers. Built small park on unused wooded lot in neighborhood by cleaning and covering two walking paths with wood chips, installing wire spool tables and utility pole stools, clearing play yard, building sand box and erecting entrance sign.

Arranged for more than hours of audiovisual work. Rebuilt and painted a stage for a local church. Refurbished area and constructed two new horseshoe pits and bocci ball court for senior citizens of chartered organization. Service to Scouting is not acceptable.

In addition, a dozen birdhouses were constructed to use as a sanctuary over winter and nesting seasons. Built outdoor weather station and installed professional grade weather equipment at elementary school.

Provided camping equipment and camping training for youth with disabilities. I organized my troop to go and cut down the dead trees, and we delivered the wood to widows for firewood. There was an old orchard in my neighborhood. It took several days. Building cages for the Humane Society as my Eagle Project.

About 4 work days with boys and adults each day for each half. Finally, note carefully the word "leadership". Surveyed all street signs and reported all missing or damaged signs. Flag holders were obtained and installed in front of local businesses so that the flag may be displayed on national holidays.To view the full contents of this document, you need a later version of the PDF viewer.

You can upgrade to the latest version of Adobe Reader from The Eagle Scout service project is an accomplishment a Scout will always remember. Your reward will be a helpful project and, more important, the knowledge you have contributed to a young man’s growth. From the Eagle Scout Leadership Service Project Workbook No.

( Printing) A look at some projects other Scouts have done for their Eagle Scout Award illustrates that your project can be to construct something or can be to render a service.

Eagle Scout Service Project

My Eagle Scout project was hardly a unique idea — a lot of Eagle projects are construction-based — but it had one key element: It meant something to me.

Eagle Scout candidates must use the official Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook, produced by the Boy Scouts of America.

The official fillable PDF version can be found at How to Download the Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook Note: Do not attempt to open this workbook in a browser (i.e. Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.) or in programs such as Nuance PDF Converter.

The workbook was created in Adobe LiveCycle, which must be saved to your computer and opened with Adobe Reader [ ].

Bsa eagle project
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