Edp 120 document analysis duty of care for students

The teacher also owes a duty of care towards other teachers and visitors to the school. School Education Act If such a policy did not exist, it would be unclear who would be held responsible.

For example, if you are considering Duty of Care, a typical scenario might be as follows - A number of students arrive early to school at about 7: A student is consistently interrupting other students during a classroom lesson.

Teachers and the Duty of Care 2. Rather, they would need to show that a teacher-student relationship existed Crouch, While on playground duty an incident occurs that requires the supervising teacher to accompany a student to the administration block, which is not within the supervision area.

Specific sections of the policy that will impact the day-to-day running of my class: This would have ensured the teacher was following policy guidelines WA DoE,3.

Describe in detail three 3 hypothetical scenarios upon which the policy document would have an impact and describe measures that a school and teacher could take to ensure that the requirements of the policy document are met. For example, a social function to celebrate graduation where teachers are present.

Such a policy, in the current teaching context, is important as it provides guidelines for schools and teachers of what is acceptable and unacceptable practice Newham, The term used for this is Duty of Care. It aims to provide a safe learning environment for all children at school.

You, your school and the law. In both circumstances, it would have to be shown in court that the supervising teacher or the student teacher, was negligent in performing the duty and that the negligence caused or contributed to the injury in the designated play area Balfour, b.

A first year student teacher accompanies a supervising teacher out on duty at lunchtime.

My aim is to collate all of these useful resources so it is easy to access. What was the apparent rationale for writing the policy?

Louise Pearce, Steve Ingham. For the teacher to meet the policy requirements, the student could be sent to another classroom to be adequately supervised where the student could be seen.

The teacher did not take reasonable care for the welfare of other students. Teachers and the Law: Why is the policy important? In this case, schools could ensure that they cannot be held responsible for students at such functions Balfour, b.

Parents are also aware of their rights and more willing to pursue those rights through the process of litigation to recover compensation Newham, This would mean the student teacher would be the only teacher supervising the designated play area at this time.

School Sport and the Law. A marking key is attached to this document. It is assuring to know, that there are guidelines in the WA DoE DOC policy to help me to deal with and discharge my duty of care responsibilities professionally in a range of school scenarios.Education - Document Analysis of Duty of Care to Students.

Free Essay: Introduction The Duty of Care for Students Policy Western Australia (The Policy) is an important document which outlines the responsibilities of. Document Analysis on Duty of Care Policy Introduction This document analysis will address the Western Australian Duty of Care for Students Policy.

Document Analysis: Western Australia Department of Education Duty of Care for Students Policy how teaching staff may discharge their duty of care to students.

Assignment 1 - Document Analysis Assignment 1 Marking Key (73 Kb) Analyse a policy document published by a state education department that impacts on the activities of teachers and how they deal with their students, with.

Edp Document Analysis Duty Of Care For Students. Introduction The duty of care for student’s policy document gives clear guidelines that all schools and teachers must follow with regards to circumstances concerning the safety and welfare of students.

Edp 120 document analysis duty of care for students
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