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Such branches are called as crown of the tree. In the winter, snow covers the ground and the deciduous trees and plants lose their leaves. These play an important role in maintaining the food chains.

We use many things in our everyday life. Life in the rain forest exists at different levels or layers in the trees. The ethical argument for conserving forests relates to what we owe to millions of plant, animal and microbe species with whom we share this planet. The weather during the winter is cold, but when ssnow melts in the spring, some parts of the forest become swamps.

Trees plays a major role in the process of forest our lifeline essay help. Explain how forests prevent floods. Fewer trees would affect the water vapor content released into air, which in turn would affect cloud formation and the pouring of rains further.

Essay about smoking is harmful same sex adoption essay. If forests disappear, the amount of Carbon Dioxide in air will increase, resulting in increase of temperature of earth.

We all eat different kinds of foods.

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Nobody knows how many more medicinally useful plants there are in tropical rain forests waiting to be explored. Auction of forests for commercial use fetches annual income to state exchequer. Forests provide recluse to rashes, saints and hermits who have enriched our religious and cultural thoughts.

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Also, only those trees that have adapted to cold weather and poor soil have been able to survive. Mere a visit of such quiet serene environment relieves physical and mental strains and refurbishes new vitality and vigor.

Wild flowers and ferns grow almost everywhere in the spring. Tropical rainforests are aptly named, as it rains here on about half the days. How to write a graduate school essay you won. Animals during respiration take in oxygen and release carbon dioxide. Explain the role of forest in maintaining the balance between oxygen and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Organisms which feed on plants often get eaten by other organisms, and thus part of some food chain. These micro-organisms are called decomposers. Furthermore, it would cause global warming as the Carbon Dioxide gas will trap the heat radiated by the earth, resulting in the melting of glaciers.

What do they do in the forest? Forests are a source of essential oil and medicinal herbs. Many precious species face extinction.

On the ground it is obsorbed by heaps of decaying leaves etc. This humus helps in returning the nutrients back to the soil.

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It provides timber, rubber, wood for fuel, grass for fodder,and fruits for consumption. In the absence of trees, the soil will not hold water, which will cause floods.

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Decay of plant leaves provides humus to the soils and increases their fertility.Help; Words of Wisdom: "you always are a winner, all you have to do is have fun" - Drqayyum1.

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Search Results. The Forest In. Forests are lifeline of our planet Earth, as they provide fresh and pure oxygen rich air and pure water for our living. A forest consists of several different types of herbs, shrubs, climbers, creepers and trees with branches spread out widely/5(3).

NCERT Chapter Solution Q1: Explain how animals dwelling in the forest help it grow and regenerate. Answer: Various types of animals (herbivores, carnivores, omnivores) live in forests and contribute to food ultimedescente.coming animal activities show how animals help forest grow and regenerate.

The human race grew because of forests and greenery. And now, humans are cutting down forests and leading to deforestation causing the biodiversity to suffer. OUR FORESTS, OUR LIFE Asia/Pacific Cultural Centre for UNESCO (ACCU) LET'S GO INTO A FOREST!

A forest gives us a lot of benefits With the help of microorganisms, fallen leaves and branches are broken into ele-ments and enrich soil.

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