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The media saturates everything we do in the developed world in the 21st Century.

Media Studies

Key terms in Representation: Anchorage These are the words that go along with images to give those pictures a certain meaning in a specific context. Introduction Representation is how media texts deal with and present gender, age, ethnicitynational and regional identity, social issues and events to an audience.

Part a is based on media contexts. Part b requires comparison through an extended response. Giving you the tools to analyse and critique the media affords you the chance to see the ways in which the media pervades your life.

Selection This refers to what has been selected to include in a media text. Exploring Media Language and Representation: Music one question on either media language or representation one question on media industries, audiences or media contexts.

Television one question on either media language or representation, which will be based on an extract from one of the set television programme episodes to be viewed in the examination.

This makes them very powerful in terms of influencing ideas and attitudes. Stereotypes are dangerous as they can lead audiences to generalise about people or places.

This can be particularly important in newspaper articles, where selecting certain facts over others can change the angle of a story; what is omitted is sometimes as important as what is included.

Exploring the Media Written examination: Things You May Need. As well as having a diverse academic background Media Studies also involves you making your own films and videos, writing your own newspapers, setting up your own websites and creating your own music videos.

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They can be used to describe characters quickly, relying on existing audience recognition. In a film or television programme this includes the editing and choice of camera angles, in a magazine or newspaper it includes the layout and writing as well as the choice of images.

In a newspaper, the ideology of the owner or senior editors could influence the way certain stories are represented, such as lending support to a particular political party. This includes captions and headlines in newspapers and taglines in adverts or on film posters. Understanding Media Forms and Products Written examination: Improving your literacy skills and abilities in other subjects.

In a documentary about asylum seekers, the representation of their story could be influenced by the ideology of the filmmaker or producer. Ideology These are ideas and beliefs, held by media producers, which are often represented in their media texts. Skills You Will Develop This specification enables learners to develop a range of skills in both analysing and creating media products.

Media Studies GCSE

Buy an SD card. This section assesses two of the following media forms: This section assesses media language and representation in relation to two of the following print media forms: Exploring Media Industries and Audiences: This component assesses all areas of the theoretical framework and contexts of the media in relation to television and music.

Construction This is the way a media text is put together. It is extremely hands-on; you will interact with modern technology in lots of ways, using all the customary IT programmes such as word-processing and presentation software as well as video and sound editing software.

There are two questions in this section: In creating a media production, learners will: Because you are motivated, you are happy to write detailed critiques of the media in a way many are not when analysing Victorian literature or writing essays for other subjects.

What is Representation?

Mediation This is the process everything goes through before it reaches an audience. Stereotypes These are a simplified representation of a person, groups of people or a place, through basic or obvious characteristics - which are often exaggerated.

This can be how a film script is written and re-written before it makes it to production, how newspaper or magazine photographs are cropped and captioned, or how real life events - like a protest or a speech by a politician - are portrayed in a news report.

Your English skills will improve when you are studying the media. For example, Vicky Pollard from Little Britain is a stereotypical example of a working class teenage girl.

In analysing the media, learners will:In media studies, representation is the way aspects of society, such as gender, age or ethnicity, are presented to audiences. examinations and support services.

We don’t aim to profit from education – we want you to. If you are an existing customer then we thank you for your support. If you are thinking of moving to AQA GCSE Media Studies for certification from June onwards (version ). image is treated to optimise it (editing might include cropping, changing the brightness or contrast or using software such as Adobe Photoshop to add special effects).

Eduqas GCSE Media Studies for teaching from – Change to Set Product for Component 2, Section A: Television Owing to copyright issues, it has been necessary to change one of the set products for Component 2, Section A: Television, Option 2 – Sitcom.

Media Editing Techniques

Well done on completing your first GCSE Media Studies assessment - it's an important first step in identifying our strengths and weaknesses in the subject so far. The first part of your learner response is to look carefully at your mark, grade and comments from your teacher.

Sep 09,  · Also by going over the terminology this may help with media and film studies revision. Made this for the GCSE media students at work. on The Truth About Video Editing .

Gcse media studies editing services
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