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The chapters focused on these men tend to be the most interesting because we are so amazed by the things these men did and the reasons behind them. Guerrilla Warfare in the West is the only book that was written by Richard S. During his campaign he led his state and country to believe that he was anti secessionist.

Cloaked with the authority of the Union army, and dressed in blue uniforms as rapidly as they could obtain them, theses men created chaos and hatred that existed for years.

Brownlee writes clearly, making bloody history read like a well-footnoted story.

Gray Ghosts of the Confederacy: Guerrilla Warfare in the West, 1861--1865

He simply stated, It is the authors opinion, after years of research and study, that the men dealt with here, in common with men of all other ages, were men of free will. There are Gray ghosts of the confederacy guerrilla when numerous quotations from primary sources can become tedious; however, Brownlees use of these sources, specifically letters and other correspondence, greatly added to the life of the book.

He used a great number of primary sources, and I believe that they added to the essence of this book. Initially this seemed to be a difficult read, but at the end I found it truly enjoyable and educational.

As I read through the first several chapters of this book I was confused and overwhelmed by names and places and struggled to place each character on the correct side of battle.

This is not necessarily a book I would recommend to anyone who was not sincerely interested in the intricacies of the Civil War, but to the Civil War enthusiast and student of American history, I believe this to be a valuable and well organized piece of historical writing.

I would have found it very hard to remain loyal to the Union if I was treated the same way. During this time Union officers struggled to deal with both the guerilla raids as well as the civilian population.

Some counties were completely cleared of residents, who were set upon the roads or jailed for choosing the wrong side or trying not to choose at all.

As Richard Brownlee states on page 5 "The history of the western Confederate guerillas began in the state of Missouri several years before The chapters of Gray Ghosts of the Confederacy take the reader through the groundwork of the war in Missouri and Kansas and introduce us to the major players in this devastating time period.

Not only did this book focus on the guerillas side of the action, but much attention was given to the role the Union army played in Kansas and Missouri.

It is nonfiction because it is composed of facts and realities that were a part of history. Taking advantage of the defensive less border in the summer ofthere armed Kansas gangs swarmed through western and central Missouri.

Living in Missouri during this time, would have made it very hard to know who to be loyal to. Gray Ghosts of the Confederacy: When the Civil War started many people of this nation were not expecting the chaos, destruction, and they certainly did not expect the war to last so long.

His vision for this project was to paint a clear picture through using contemporary sources that would be freer from the biases so often placed upon this time period. However, as I continued I soon fell into the flow of Brownlees words and came to greatly appreciate the detail and obvious research that went into the creation of his book.

In American history, few events summon such strong feelings as the Civil War. When they would kill a man the guerillas would also burn his house, and place of business but they would not harm his wife. In reading the preface phrase that stood out to me most was Brownlees denial of the inevitability of these events and the actions these men took, which seems to be different from several other historians.

Brownlee presents a very detailed account of the events in Kansas and Missouri between and Book Reviews submitted by our Members Louisiana State University Press, Brownlee was long time executive director of the State Historical Society of Missouri.

They did not think or care about what would happen to that woman in the future. Jackson would later flee Missouri and Hamilton Gamble would act as provisional Governor.

From childhood, depending on the location of our elementary schools, our opinions begin to form, filled with righteousness and condemnation.

When Lincoln called upon the Union states for an order of troops Jackson refused to send any troops; declaring that Missouri would not support the Union. Now not only does she not have a husband to provide for Missouri was a state that was torn in two by rival loyalty for the Union and the Confederate states.

The theme of loyalty leads to the main thesis of this book; the way the Missourians were treated; which was very badly by everyone. The purpose of the book was maintained, keeping to the states west of the Mississippi River and only leaving the proposed time frame to give us a glimpse of the lives of the guerillas after the war.

Brownlee references numerous newspapers and military dispatches of the time to show how horribly violent the guerilla war in Missouri truly was. It was interesting to learn about guerrilla warfare.

Gray Ghosts of the Confederacy: Guerrilla Warfare in the West 1861-186

Ghosts of the Confederacy: Whenever they came into Missouri, or were ordered into Missouri, they came primarily for revenge and loot. The Jayhawkers did not believe that the people of Missouri were loyal to the Union.

As Brownlee stated in his thesis, martial law and military tyranny became widespread and the people of Kansas and Missouri became the true victims of this very sad story.Brownlee, a noted Missouri historian, covers many guerilla warfare actions during the Civil War. He covers the Border Wars, Quantrill's Raid, actions along the border with Arkansas, implementation of Martial Law in Missouri, and Order Number Gray Ghosts of the Confederacy is a history of the Confederate guerrillas who—under the ruthless command of such men as William C.

Quantrill and “Bloody Bill” Anderson—plunged Missouri into a bloody, vicious conflict of an intensity unequaled in any other theater of the Civil War/5. 1 March 30, HIST The Civil War- Seminal Event in American History Fred Altensee Brownlee, Richard S.

Gray Ghosts of the Confederacy: Guerilla Warfare in the West, Details about Gray Ghosts of the Confederacy: Guerrilla Warfare in the West, ;Brownl ee Be the first to write a review. Gray Ghosts of the Confederacy: Guerrilla Warfare in. Gray Ghosts of the Confederacy: Guerrilla Warfare in the West, by Richard S Brownlee starting at $ Gray Ghosts of the Confederacy: Guerrilla Warfare in the West, has 1 available editions to buy at Alibris.

Gray Ghosts of the Confederacy Guerrilla Warfare in the West, by Richard S. Brownlee. The subtitle gives you an idea of what this book is about, but more specifically, it's about what was going in the Kansas-Missouri area during those years.

Gray ghosts of the confederacy guerrilla
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