Learning disabilities reflection essay

These differences are very important and can have enormous influences on the value of information being produced. Interviews were performed with her family members and carers who observed her behaviour.

Important regard is given to the impact of such severity because both a high outcome risk with low impact and a low outcome risk with high impact can take place Kettles and Woods Hopp and Rittenmeyer emphasised that Learning disabilities reflection essay is important to do mental notes when doing an assessment since this would provide some clue as to how the person is feeling.

It is apparent that an assessment was done on the patient before any clinical personnel would have carried out a specific intervention procedure. In both cases, the care personnel e. Hence, risk language must be standardised and simplified, which requires improving clarity in the vital roles of the concept Cordall I think that in families where there is a learning disabled child treatment of the family is just as, if not more important than treatment for the child.

Many people view the services that their children receive in school as their main treatment. According to mental professionals, mental disorders may be classified according to behavioural patterns as well as patterns of thought and emotion. The above narrative shows an investigation of a patient with a mental and learning disability problem, who was admitted to a mental health setting expecting treatment.

The mental health nurse took the major role in the performance of an accurate and ongoing assessment on Janet. She is second amongst four children and still has both of her parents.

This is suggestive of an inclusive care plan Harrison et al. The literature indicates that the primary objectives of mental health are to return to function, contribute to society, and maintain relationships Markowitz and Weissman The objective is to effect behavioural change by means of conditioning, positive reinforcement, and so on Dillion Further, the social system looks at the familial and cultural effects of the experience of illness.

Despite the almost similarity in the appearance of both methods, such similarity is however superficial. A full clinical assessment goes hand-in-hand with mental health assessment, which involves evaluating and measuring systematically such factors in an individual as psychological, biological, and social to assess a need for a possible psychological treatment Elder, Evans, and Nizette Such assessments are conducted through interviews, observations, and examinations whilst being aware of confidential issues and relevant legal policies Videbeck Additionally, technological advancements have developed the role of assessment, which correspondingly allowed managed care to develop the need for assessment skills Weber and Kelley Indeed, the mental health nurse demonstrates a range of roles in the entire nursing process, as much as in the assessment practice.

Models of Assessment and How They Impact on Inclusive, Responsive and Responsible Practice The new model of care is exemplified by new care practices whereby best practices as advanced by research evidence present the new model of care Kleinpell Provide specialist skills and special therapeutic orientation to mental health nurses.

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A formal assessment process is viable in enhancing an ethical framework within the healthcare organisation Corey A patient always receives a nursing care plan, but other disciplines are necessarily involved in such plan or individualised treatment plan Boyd As a future nurse, I see the value of patient education on a daily basis.

Knowing about what the person feels or thinks necessitates asking him directly in order to gather the needed information.

Learning disability reflective essay

Develop electronic health record systems for assessment. Improvements in secondary care teams e.

Reflection on Learning Disabilities

I also see the effects that caregiver strain has on family members. In this regard, it was the latter which was applied to Janet due also to her inability to communicate effectively. An Evidence Based Introduction.Learning disability reflective essay.

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Me and my big mouth essay icse 1 essay.  Learning Disabilities Learning Disabilities Students with special needs, a learning disability or communication disorders can learn the curriculum and can understand what is going on in the classroom. Learning Disabilities Reflection Essay.

For someone that has been diagnosed with a learning disability, they may feel that it takes over their ultimedescente.com with the right help it will not affect their ultimate success in life. In this research essay I will be talking about what a learning disorder is, how to detect that a child has a learning disorder, and how it affects children in school and.

Background. The purpose of this reflective essay is to reflect on learning disabilities, focusing on mental health and psychological well-being. Example essay writing, topic: Special Education Reflection Learning Disabilities 1, words Essay examples you see on this page are free essays, available to anyone.

Learning Disabilities Your reflection Communicating within the Learning disabilities area of nursing is a very complex task which encompasses multiple barriers .

Learning disabilities reflection essay
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