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Asking in the year group bands will enable me to group the data easily as year groups correspond to ages. That is, the future success of individuals is based on the type and quality of education they receive.

The choice between home life and domestic life can lead to complete transformation of the life of a young man. Another aspect of the dorm living is that the individual can make a lot of friends and find a lot of people who have the same interests. Nevertheless, in the dorm the food expenses can be spited among the roommates.

Home and dorm living have a lot of contrasts such as: Thursday, June 3, Compare and contrast living at home and in the dormitory Final There are plenty of differences between living at home and in a dormitory.

If to compare home living to dorm living a few fact are worth of mentioning. This research aims to determine the study habits of 1st year to 4th year high school honor students in Ramon Magsaysay Memorial Colleges School YearGeneral Santos City.

Secondly, home is your best shelter. The dorm does not provide the individuals with an actual kitchen and has small space for refrigerating food. The students living on campus in a dormitory have to follow dormitory rules. On-campus dormitories may be a pleasant experience for one person and a terrible test for another one.

Search College Attached you will find a preliminary list of colleges for your exploration. One of four of my roommates was too insolent and energetic: What are the most common study habits that an honor student used to do?

Essay about students living at home and campus

As a result, the students living in a dormitory have limited freedom. By comparison, the students living in an apartment may have to use public transport such as buses and the subway or drive their own car in order to commute to school.

The dormitory does not have a comfortable bed and also the individual cannot equip everything in the most suitable manner for him. Home living requires having personal chores and complete responsibility for the place the person lives in. Another different between students living on campus in a dormitory and those living off campus in an apartment is transportation.

Therefore the main factor here is the personality of the dweller. There are several objective facts concerning dorm living.

Living in Dorm Essay Sample

If dorm living is a necessity for one individual but he has a high motivated for education Living in a dormitory essay dorm living will not change anything. Therefore, you need to take these differences into account before your decision, too.

On top of this, you can cook for yourself, meaning you will save cash by tailoring your living expenses to your budget. Finally, if you live in the hostel you have a lot of friends and group mates who also live there and who you can communicate with or ask for help.

Only those individuals who have an exclusive position within the university may count on having a room without roommates. You become more serious also, learn how to cook, get housekeeping skills and many other things.Dec 04,  · I would like to consider advantages and disadvantages of living in the dormitory.

First of all it is rather profitable for students to live in a hostel if their hometown is in the other city, because a room in a hostel is cheaper than, for example, renting a flat.

Differences and similarity of living at home and living away from home Essay. B. Pages:5 Words This is just a sample. some students who live away from home by living in dormitory or rent house because they have to study beyond their homeland or they want to live near their college for conveniences.

We will write a custom essay. Living in the Dorms versus Living at Home Essay - After graduating from high school on June 3,I quickly realized coming to college would be my first step towards becoming an adult. I wondered how living in a college dorm would differ from living in my parents’ house, or would it.

Living in Dorm Essay Sample. Although there is not much freedom living in a dormitory, I would choose to live in the dormitory. I used to live in a dorm, there are many practical advantages. Living in a dormitory or living in an apartment Education plays an importan role in students’ life.

That is, the future success of individuals is based on the type and quality of education they receive. If it’s your first living away experience, a dormitory is a good choice, however, you should certainly think about an apartment too.

Of course, both have their pros and cons, so let’s examine them both together, and see what your decision may be at the end of it.

Living in a dormitory essay
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