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Marketing basically just worked as my Facebook ad bank, boosting my ads with the money that I gave them. Who in their right mind would want to run their business website on a custom platform that its developers have trouble using?

My marking executive did not deliver any ad mock-ups on time and she required so much hand-holding that I eventually just spoon fed her all of the ad copy, audience targeting segmentation, and literally everything else.

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I got mad at myself for falling for the hype, but now just want to warn my fellow start- ups not to fall for it! I wish you all the best in your entrepreneurial endeavors. Users who recommend Marketing like that the platform has dedicated marketing executives who help them manage and optimize their marketing campaigns and websites.

It took them over 2 months to "optimize my website for conversions" on UXI. Things only went downhill from there.

I would really recommend making sure that you have at Marketing 360 4 months of payments in your bank account. You Marketing 360 Marketing Feb 02, I began doing this after they had messed up a few times and no longer wanted them to do anything on my behalf.

Most Helpful Positive User Review A user who gave Marketing a positive review on Capterra said that the she has used the platform to redesign her ecommerce websitewrite product descriptions, and start an advertising campaign.

You need to know that not all somethings with an iPhone and 1, followers on Instagram know how to market in the digital world. Save yourself the money, get some stock photos, watch a 5-minute tutorial on YouTube, and run them yourself.

Plus, the initial designs were complete garbage. Website design is included for free if you opt for their six months marketing commitment. So just learn from my Marketing 360 and have a safety fund for a couple of months.

Looking back that was foolish on my part. I knew that I would have a bias towards my own design. The ads I created myself were 10x more comprehensive than what I received.

At every step in the design, the Marketing team pushed back on my requests for edits. Another thing that I ended up doing myself in a few hours. I wanted it to be welcoming and thoughtful, not a clunky, "conversion-optimized" mess.

Little did I know that they actually skim off a percentage of all the ad credits spend to manage the ads. The issues started after I signed my contract. Ironically, my useless marketing budget was to blame.

Response time was generally about a day, which - in many parts of the country - is longer than Amazon takes to deliver your order.

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I had to re-design my entire site myself using Wordpress and I did it over a weekend. Check out our marketing automation software reviews of all top providers. If you are in the early stages of your business, this is even more important. As a year-old who supports his "side hustle" business by working full time as an engineer, this essentially meant that I was just burning through my savings.

UXI is unspeakably bad.

Marketing 360

The only thing worse than the I wasted on this company was the stress and aggravation that plagued me on a daily basis.

Please do your homework and think long and hard about this decision. She then conceded that their developers have trouble using it. In my contract, I was required to pay per month, of which went to ad credits.Marketing ® is the #1 marketing platform® for small business.

Sincewe have helped over Who we are. Marketing ® is a Top Rated National® marketing platform. We're driven to continually produce, power and promote the greatest marketing platform in the world/5().

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Marketing ® Fuel Your Marketing 360 with the #1 marketing platform® for small business - Marketing ® ⚡️ Powered by Madwire® ultimedescente.comingcom.

Marketing ® is a marketing software company that provides an intelligent combination of integrated software and professional marketing services. The platform is designed for organizations of all sizes to have access to certified digital marketing professionals including marketing experts /5().

Oct 13,  · Marketing is a company that provides a combination of digital marketing software and marketing services through a single platform.

It offers tools and services for website design, content creation, ad placement, retargeting, email and SMS marketing, lead management, social media management, CRM, analytics, and more/5(9). Description. Marketing is the top most company amongst all of the reputation management software.

The unique value proposition is of the basic tenets of the marketing, it will show that at where you are leading position and where you are lagging position, why consumers hire you.

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