Reasons for attendance philip larkin essay

But then, why be in there? That in a way could be mournful.

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Theme, imagery, word choice, structure, mood and any other appropriate feature. This line is defiinitely an oxymoron.

Reasons for Attendance Themes

I have been reading the posts about My Last Duchess, and they proved verrrry helpfull! Therefore I stay outside. These women are trapped and dancing is the only routine in their lives.

Choose a poem that explores lonliness or isolation. The women are all under the age of 25, so at that age they seem to have no ambition. These women convey sex and will probably only be sexual objects in the eyes of men.

Show how the poet has achieved this effect and discuss to what extent you find it a suitable way of dealing the subject matter in the poem. This was the lesson to be learned in the end.

Surely, to think the lions share Of happiness is found by couples - sheer Inaccuracy as far as im concerned. In "Reasons for Attendance," the speaker seems gleeful in the beginning while he watches the women dance, but then changes direction when he decides that they are not for him.

I see that this poem is memorable speech, because it deals with women and how they live their lives. Obviously, this poem takes place outside of a strip club, although I originally thought the speaker was looking at pin-up girls in a glass window.

Therfore I stay outside, Believing this; and they maul to and fro, Believing that; and both are satisfied, If no one has misjudged himself. The line, "Why be out there? Since the word solemn means serious or grave, how can you be happy at the same time?

They are simply not for him. Sex, yes, but what Is sex? They have no goals, other than to dance.

Reasons for Attendance Analysis

Im a bit stuck at a few things Their life will only be dancing for others to enjoy. In your answer refer closely to at least two of:I agree with Auden's statement and I found this apparent in Philip Larkin's poem, "Reasons for Attendance." In this poem, the speaker is observing young girls dancing.

Of course, Larkin might find this dancing fun and entertaining at first, but not for very long.

Reasons For Attendance Analysis

Free Online Education from Top Universities. Yes! It's true. College Education is now free!. Most common keywords. Reasons For Attendance Analysis Philip Larkin critical analysis of poem, review school overview. Reasons For Attendance. The trumpet's voice, loud and authoritative, Draws me a moment to the lighted glass To watch the dancers - all under twenty-five - Solemnly on the beat of happiness.

Browse all Classics > By Philip Larkin. k views +list. Share it. Apr 20,  · Reasons For Attendance - Philip Larkin. The trumpets voice, Loud and authoritive, Draws me a moment to the lighted glass To watch the dancers - all under twenty-five - Shifting intently, face to flushed face, Solemnly on the beat of happiness.

Reasons For Attendance - Poem by Philip Larkin

Discussion of themes and motifs in Philip Larkin's Reasons for Attendance. eNotes critical analyses help you gain a deeper understanding of Reasons for Attendance so you can excel on your essay or.

“Reasons for Attendance” is a short poem of twenty lines that is divided into four cinquains with regular rhyme scheme based primarily on slant rhymes. The title hints at .

Reasons for attendance philip larkin essay
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