Report writing on a visit to a book fair

I was interested in getting the latest arrival on Engineering Entrance Examination, while my friend wanted to get some good books on computer software. I am a lover of books. We were stunned to watch this event. For example, if the objective of a visit to a new factory is to determine if it was 60 percent staffed in the 1st quarter, provide the actual human resource numbers with turnover, existing recruiting efforts and departments where deficiencies exist.

Write an Essay on Your Visit to a Book Fair

We discussed this with our teacher to visit this mega event. Some publishers had made special sitting arrangement for the readers. I wish that such book fairs may be organised every year to stimulate the students to read more and more books. It is held in Pragati Maidan. National book fair is organised by the National Book Trust every year.

I and my friends spent at least two hours with these publications. I purchased one dictionary along with many books on science and technology. Nowadays, book fairs organise various readings recitation and other such competitions. Depending on the type of business, visit reports are sometimes called trip reports.

It is also common practice to meet with lower level staff that are more familiar with operations processes. The World Book Fair is organised every alternate year, publishers from all across the world participate in it.

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For example, the visit might be the first in a series of four conducted over the course of a year to review the implementation of new policies or production metrics. As I am very fond of books, I with my friends decided to visit and watch this mega festival.

Nevertheless, there were a lot of children and general public. For example, this may have been the third annual visit on a quarterly schedule.

There were local publishers, national publishers and international publishers. They were arranged in a very attractive way.

Hence, we went to the Book Fair on the very inaugural day. Within the enclosure there were numerous stalls put up by different publishers and booksellers.

Visit reports are also used by agencies reviewing a business such as a preschool or care facility for licensing or accreditation.

This provides a success metric for the next visit. It was a grand occasion for me. State Objectives Explain the reason for the visit.The book fair was a spectacle to watch. Books on wide range of topics like, Bhagvad Geeta, Advanced Vedanta, Upanishads were displayed.

Every stall was very impressive but the most attractive among all was the children’s book stall. Sep 13,  · A Book Fair I Visited Rahman, Bangla Academy premises, Dhaka.

2 February Ekushey Boi Mela is organized by Bangla Academy. The fair is held in the Bangla Academy premises. There is a huge number of books on the miscellaneous subjects and many stalls of books on different subjects by different writers wish to start.

The book fair was organised by the Booksellers and Publishers of Assam and Northeast at the Judges Field, Guwahati from 10th Jan. to 20th Jan., A strong barricade of tin sheets and bamboos fencing were erected all round the field with a grand entrance. Visit to book fair Last Sunday I went to see book fair in Pragati maiden.

I am teaching for last 17 years.I have taught English grammar and writing skills to hundreds of purpose is to device a course that will make English learning an easy and interesting process. Write a report for your school magazine. Ans) Annual fun.

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Last year the National Book Trust of India organised The World Book Fair at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi. It was a grand occasion for me. As I am very fond of books, I with my friends decided to visit and watch this mega festival.

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Free sample essay on A Visit to a Book Fair. Book fair is a great event of attraction for the intelligent and book lovers.

National book fair is organised by the National Book Trust every year.

Report writing on a visit to a book fair
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