Setting your essay to mla format in word 2010

Press the Enter key once to begin a new line. Step Set the font. No indent on the first line of each entry. Click on the Align Left icon to bring your blinking cursor to the left. On the floating menu, click the image of a pound sign also called the number sign on a page. Click on the font and select Times New Roman.

Use the Tab key on every next new paragraphs. Now type in your Last Name and leave a space before the page number. Click on the align center icon so that the text is centered.

MLA Format on Microsoft Word 2010

Set the font to Times New Roman and the font size to Type Works Cited do not underline, boldface, italicize, or enclose the title in quotation marks. When you first start Wordyou are placed under the Home tab like in the image belowif not, click on the Home tab. How to Set the Font and Size: Do not use bold, italics or underline for the main text of the manuscript.

Your header with your last name and automatic page numbering should appear at the top left of your paper. Click on the size and select Immediately after typing the final line of your paper, press the CTRL key and the ENTER key at the same time to begin a new page another method is to insert a page break from the toolbar.

Click on the align left icon so that the text is aligned left.

How to Enter the First Page Information: Choose "Format" from the main menu, then "Font" from the drop-down menu. Click the "Margins" tab, then set the top, bottom, left, and right margins each to 1. How to Set the Margins in Word Click on the Line Spacing button.

Select "Format" from the main menu, then "Paragraph" from the drop-down list. The Works Cited page has the following characteristics: How To Create a Header in Word Click on the Home tab. Employers and academic institutions generally recommend using the MLA format.

Type your last name and a single space. Set "Line spacing" to "Double," then click "OK.How to Create an MLA Essay Template in Microsoft Word Spring 3 of 3 Adding Your Personal Information 1.

In the upper left corner of the document, type your name and press Enter. 2. On the next three lines, type “Professor,” “Course,” and “Day Month Year.” Press Enter.

How to Set Up a MLA Format in Microsoft Word

3. Click Center on the Home tab or press Control + E on the keyboard. 4.

MLA Format Microsoft Word 2010

The Modern Language Association, or MLA, provides formatting guidelines for use in professional and academic circles. Because the MLA format is uniform and easy to use, many employers and educators require that manuscripts follow the MLA's guidelines.

MLA Format Microsoft Word by Stephen on January 13, · 14 comments This easy tutorial will guide you through the process of setting up Microsoft Word for your MLA Format research paper.

Jerz > Writing > Academic > [ Titles | Thesis Statements | Blueprinting | Quoting | Citing | MLA Format ] ) If you’ve been asked to submit a paper in MLA style, your instructor is asking you to format the page and present the content in a specific way. arrows next to Office and then click Microsoft Word ) Setting Up the Paper in MLA Format Click the Line Spacing button in the Paragraph group.

Choose of your essay. (Capitalize the first letter of each main word, and do not underline, boldface, Setting up an Essay in MLA Format. II. How to Set the Margins in Word Click on Page Layout => then click on Margins. Make sure the margins for top, left, bottom & right are set to 1″.

III. How To Create a Header in Word To create a header with your last name and automatic page numbering, click Insert => Page Number => Top of Page => then click on Plain .

Setting your essay to mla format in word 2010
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