Summer reading cry the beloved country

Several people like James Jarvis, Arthur Jarvis, Napoleon Letsitsi, and Stephan Kumalo, have been able to clear themselves of all prejudices to help each other, and doing so help all of South Africa and its people. Jarvis and his wife then journey to Johannesburg.

At the trial, Abasalom is sentenced to death by hanging. Kumalo undertakes the difficult and expensive journey to the city in the hopes of aiding Gertrude and of finding his son, Absalom, who traveled to Johannesburg from Ndotsheni and never returned.

Kumalo arranges for Absalom to marry the girl who bears his child, and they bid farewell.

Cry the Beloved Country Summer Reading

In Johannesburg, Kumalo is warmly welcomed by Msimangu, the priest who sent him the letter, and given comfortable lodging by Mrs.

But the pay you receive is barely enough to keep yourself alive. A more difficult quest follows when Kumalo and Msimangu begin searching the labyrinthine metropolis of Johannesburg for Absalom.

He donates milk at first, then makes plans for a dam and hires an agricultural expert to demonstrate newer, less devastating farming techniques. Lithebe, a Christian woman who feels that helping others is her duty.

The only work you could really find if you were a black person would to go to the mines or the factories. Life within South Africa is always difficult inside the cities and racial injustice adds to the problem.

He is needed there, the letter says, to help his sister, Gertrude, who the letter says has fallen ill. Later, Kumalo visits his brother, John Kumalo, in a search for his son. James Jarvis becomes involved with helping the village, in an attempt to help rebuild the tribal way of life. The morning of his departure, Kumalo rouses his new family to bring them back to Ndotsheni only to find that Gertrude has disappeared.

So Kumalo embarks on a long journey to Johannesburg, in order to help his sister, and in hopes of finding his son Absalom. With the help of friends, Kumalo obtains a lawyer for Absalom and attempts to understand what his son has become.

Lithebe, allows Stephan Kumalo stay at her home while in Johannesburg. Kumalo then visits his sister Gertrude, and persuades her to go back to Ndotsheni. When Kumalo arrives in Johannesburg, he is welcomed by Msimangu, a fellow priest.Paton's deeply moving story of Zulu pastor Stephen Kumalo and his son Absalom, set against the backdrop of a land and people riven by racial inequality and injustice, remains the most famous and important novel in South Africa's history.

They visit Kumalo’s brother, John, who has become a successful businessman and politician, and he directs them to the factory where his son and Absalom once worked together. One clue leads to another, and as Kumalo travels from place to place, he begins to see the gaping racial and economic divisions that are threatening to split his country.

An Oprah Book Club selection, Cry, the Beloved Country, the most famous and important novel in South Africa’s history, was an immediate worldwide bestseller in Alan Paton’s impassioned novel about a black man’s country under white man’s law is a work of searing beauty.

The summer reading assignment for Honors 10 is Cry, the Beloved Country by Alan Paton. The story is set in South Africa during a time of political and racial unrest.

It is a novel rich in character and content. From this novel, you will learn about an important period in world history not covered in any other course at West High School.

Cry, the Beloved Country

Summer Reading List 8th Grade English (Standard and Honors) • Cry, the Beloved Country Alan Paton This story about a Zulu pastor and his son is set against the background of a land (South Africa) and a people violently torn apart by racial injustice. 10th Grade English Summer Reading. First day of school – bring both annotated books and completed printed charts to class.

Summer Reading Chart Novel #1. Use one chart for each novel. Select 4 quotes or text passages that support each of the three areas – protagonist’s character development, critical plot points and setting.

Summer reading cry the beloved country
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