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While she realizes that is no longer a part of the world, she still must grow up, according to her heavenly advisor, in order to move on from her earthly ties and into her adult version of heaven. Susie re-ascends to heaven shortly after their lovemaking, and looks down upon Ruth and Ray as they hold one another, contemplating the magnitude of the experiences they have just had separately, but which will now bind them together in a completely unique way.

Harvey is also a dollhouse maker—an odd hobby, but a harmless one. The theme of mortality and death is prevalent in the plot, helps it move forward, and it is when Susie accepts her mortality and the fact that she will remain in the afterlife, when the story of Susie finally comes to a cathartic and satisfying while still very sad ending.

Her physical isolation in her own section of heaven is a metaphor for the emotional isolation and alienation which her rape and murder forced upon her. She watches her parents and siblings move through the five stages of grief: Throughout the story, Susie talks about her own personal heaven, and the experiences that she shares with the people that she left behind on earth, even after her death.

Her whirlwind of downfall is not portrayed as accurately in the film as in the novel. Susie achieves this coming of age through the painful, yet fulfilling experience of watching her peers live life and search out the meaning of her own death. A moment later, the icicle fell.

By the end of the novel, however, Susie, having watched her friends, family, and community struggle to come to terms with her murder—and the emotional repercussions it has had back on Earth—seems to feel less alienated; her family, too, has reluctantly and painstakingly managed to move on.

Yet, we cannot dwell on it and, as we continue to breath, we must continue to live. Love and acceptance go hand in hand in the novel. In the novel Susie, a young woman, speaks from the afterlife, hoping to cope with her death, and with the loss of those who once were around her.

Susie focuses more on the aftermath and effects of her murder and rape on her family rather than on the event itself. Susie struggles with giving her family acceptance over her brutal attack, or wanting them to gain revenge on Mr. I would be weeks before the snow in the ravine melted enough to uncover him In other words, mortality makes everyone, friend or foe, just as small and helpless in the big scheme of things.

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In what ways do Ruth and Lindsey react similarly throughout the novel, and in what ways is the loss of Susie Salmon especially poignant to the two girls? English The Lovely Bones: Ray realizes that Ruth is really Susie, and though the moment seems bizarre and supernatural, he consents to have sex with Susie-as-Ruth.

Harvey chooses to keep as a souvenir of her murder.

Harvey, is the basis of the novel. In the novel, Abigail leaves after her affair with the detective, Len, and then works in the winery in California.Get everything you need to know about Tragedy, Grief, Alienation, and Isolation in The Lovely Bones.

Analysis, related quotes, theme tracking. Alice Sebold's novel The Lovely Bones has several themes that include love, loss, grief, unity, and death. Yet, out of all of those themes the one that begins and closes the story is the theme of mortality.

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The Lovely Bones: Themes Loss and Grief Loss of a loved one and the stages of mourning or grief manifest as overriding themes in The Lovely Bones.

Through the voice of Susie Salmon, the fourteen-year-old narrator of the novel, readers get an in-depth look at the grieving process. The Lovely Bones takes a look at how the order and safety of a suburban neighborhood in the s is utterly disrupted by Mr.

Harvey's rape and murder of Susie Salmon. Harvey is the disruption of o. The Lovely Bones study guide contains a biography of Alice Sebold, literature essays, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis.

Get everything you need to know about Love and Sex in The Lovely Bones. Analysis, related quotes, theme tracking. The theme of Love and Sex in The Lovely Bones from LitCharts | The creators of SparkNotes transformation, and even redemption for many characters who have experienced great sorrow, trauma, and loss.

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The lovely bones themes loss and
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