The stranger by albert camus

The Arab the brother of the mistress of Raymond is a man shot and killed by Meursault on a beach in colonial Algiers.

It is a fatal shot, but Meursault shoots the man four more times after a pause. Later I was told that this book was a story about something much like the Azaria Chamberlain case. He passes the time sleeping, or mentally listing the objects he owned in his apartment. Ward translates this as "with cries of hate".

She represents the enjoyable life Meursault wants, and he misses her while in jail. Daoud explores their subsequent lives following the withdrawal of French authorities and most pied-noirs from Algeria after the conclusion of the Algerian War of Independence in Other instances are shown.

He has an outburst about his frustrations and the absurdity of the human condition, and his personal anguish without respite at the meaninglessness of his freedom, existence and responsibility.

Penguin Books bought this version in for a paperback edition. Later, Meursault walks back along the beach alone, now armed with a revolver which he took from Raymond to prevent him from acting rashly.

Gerhard Hellera German editor, translator and lieutenant in the Wehrmacht working for the Censorship Bureau offered to help. In prison, Meursault awaits the results of his appeal. None of the Arabs in The Stranger are named, reflecting the distance between the French colonists and indigenous people.

Part 1[ edit ] Meursault learns of the death of his mother, who has been living in a retirement home. After all, it explores a philosophy that states that the world is devoid of all rational meaning.

Although the chaplain persists in trying to lead Meursault from his atheism or, perhaps more precisely, his apatheismMeursault finally accosts him in a rage.

But it can be useful, when faced with the hyper-bizarre stuff that life can lob in your direction, to be able to think, "Huh. Some scenes and passages the murder, the conversation with the chaplain should also be revised.

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Disoriented and on the edge of heatstroke, Meursault shoots when the Arab flashes his knife at him. In general, he considers other people either interesting or annoying, or feels nothing for them at all. Part 2[ edit ] Meursault is now incarcerated, and explains his arrest, time in prison, and upcoming trial.

Starting on The Stranger is a good call: Marie Cardona was a typist in the same workplace as Meursault. A baby rhino trying to act like a baby goat?

So, he has to assume Meursault is either lying to him or is trying to taunt him. For Raymond, Meursault agrees to write a letter to his girlfriend, with the sole purpose of inviting her over so that Raymond can have sex with her but spit in her face at the last minute as emotional revenge. Meursault sees no reason not to help him, and it pleases Raymond.

And look, yes, there is much to this — but this ends up being too easy.

What Is the Summary of 'The Stranger' by Albert Camus?

So who was this Camus guy, anyway? The manuscript was then read by editors Jean Paulhan and Raymond Queneau. The ending lines differ as well: Critical analysis[ edit ] In his analysis of the novel, Carl Viggiani wrote: Meursault is also a truthful person, speaking his mind without regard for others.The Stranger - Notes - by Jackson, Bruce Albert Camus and a great selection of similar Used, New and Collectible Books available now at Test your knowledge of The Stranger with our quizzes and study questions, or go further with essays on the context and background and links to the best resources around the web.

Albert Camus THE STRANGER was in place, but the screws had been given only a few turns and their nickeled heads stuck out above the wood, which was stained dark walnut.

The Stranger

An Arab woman—a nurse, I supposed—was sitting beside the bier; she was wearing a blue smock and had a rather gaudy scarf wound round her hair. The Stranger is a novel by Albert Camus, often cited as a prime example of Camus' philosophy of the absurd and existentialism.

The story's protagonist Meursault is an indifferent French Algerian, who hardly partakes of the traditional Mediterranean culture.4/5. The Stranger (Camus novel), a novel by Albert Camus; The Stranger (Applegate novel), a book in the Animorphs series; The Stranger The Stranger, an.

L’Étranger (The Outsider [UK], or The Stranger [US]) is a novel by French author Albert Camus. Its theme and outlook are often cited as examples of Camus' philosophy of the absurd and existentialism, though Camus personally rejected the latter label.

The stranger by albert camus
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